What is Business Storytelling?

Stories, including stories about business, actually meet very specific criteria.

Absent those criteria, it’s not a story, and consequently, it won’t have the desired effect on your audience. (Sorry.)

I recommend every creative firm seek formal education in art of business storytelling as there is a lot of misconception and misnomer among marketers about what a business story is.

Once on the same page, we can work  together more efficiently to create the stories that will connect with your audience right where they live.

If you want to learn about the craft from my teacher, you’ll want to check out Robert McKee’s Story in Business Seminar.

If you want to take it a step farther (as I will be doing in April) check out Mr. McKee’s 4-day Story Seminar, a 40-hour intensive immersion in the art.

To discuss difference between business storytelling and business narratives and how business storytelling can help transform a business, contact us.