How We Work

Who we work with

The firms we work with range in size from about five employees and one principal  to as large as 60 employees with three main principals or VP+ executives.

We’re a good fit for smaller professional services firms looking to develop the voices and raise the profiles of one to three people. Larger firms should have a marketing executive in place to act as liaison and traffic cop.

The people who tend to resonate best with us are brave, opinionated, demanding, intelligent, direct, open-minded, considerate,  high-integrity and down-to-earth. We expect to challenge and be challenged in the name of doing great, effective work.

Our unique abilities

We have a deep understanding of how marketing and sales ties into overall business strategy and we know what will resonate with your audience (especially CMOs and brand managers).

It also helps that we have a design background.  We know what the creative person is trying to say and can help them translate their abstract concepts into words. We understand and enjoy the new business development process, and we can help you do very targeted things that will contribute to forming new relationships and landing new business.

We help ensure the content you are putting out is rooted in a clear point of view and purpose, so that the messages you are pushing out via your content marketing, PR and sales efforts are laser focused and consistent, thus radically increasing their impact.

Who you’ll work with

Primarily with Helena B. We take a very limited number of clients so that we can ensure that the quality and consistency of service remains very high.

Typical engagement sequence

Engagements typically start with a story finding project, followed by a website project. Then the arrangement shifts to a minimum monthly fee based on what kind and how much assistance you want us to provide.

Once we agree on a set fee for the month we invoice you for that amount, which must be paid by the first. Any time spent above the minimum is billed in addition to the subsequent month’s fee.  The amount is less important than the commitment to invest consistently, as consistency is key to success in this process.


We’re happy to provide you with phone numbers and emails of clients who can speak to the impact working with us has had on their business. Interim, you can take a look at what other people have said about working with us.


We have some standard descriptions of services that we modify a little bit based on the client type. And if you need some assistance helping to sell a program through, we are happy to provide you with some talking points. If we’ve done our job, however, you’ll able to ascertain our competence from the content on this website and confirm it with a conversation (or two) with us and by talking to a reference or two.

If I engage you, what can I expect?

Action. We’ll find your story and create a plan for telling it. With our help, you will write and speak, and form new relationships, as much and as many as possible based on the size of the engagement. If you get stuck, discouraged or bored with the process, we’ll get you through that, too. The bottom line is, together, we will get things done and make things happen.

Personal change.  As you go through the profile raising process, you will learn lot about your business and it will become increasingly clear what business you are really in and whom your audience is. You’ll become bolder and more confident about talking to people about what you do, because you will better understand its value after having written or spoken about it so many times and in so many different ways. Then I’ll push you to write a book. And you will. It’s really quite amazing to see how the process helps businesses – and business leaders – evolve.