Business Storytelling for Creative Firms

The buying audience for creative services — CEOs, CMOs, brand executives and managers — gravitate toward firms that not only can do the work but who also understand their challenges and speak their language.

The problem is that the messaging at the foundation of the stories most creative firms are telling this audience doesn’t do much to create this connection.

Too often, creative firm messaging begins and ends with this one: “We’ve done award winning work for big brands.

Don’t get me wrong, communicating the fact you’ve played in the brand bigs is very important. Prospective clients will infer a lot about your qualifications based on the fact peer brands have already engaged you.

The problem is all of your competitors have worked for big brands, too and so the fact that you have does not make you special. And it won’t help keep you from being ground down on price either, because from the client’s standpoint having worked for bigger brands is the price of admission, not a reason for them to choose you, much less pay a premium for your services.

As for awards, clients do not become interested in creative firms solely because of awards. Clients become interested in you because they recognize you as someone who believes what they believe and they have seen you consistently demonstrate innovative thinking about ways they can stand out and sell more.

The goal of business storytelling is to convey messaging that resonates so strongly with your audience that they recognize you as a leader and begin looking to you consistently for guidance and direction, becoming first your followers, then your clients, and eventually, your evangelists.

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