CMxPR Tip Sheet #002

Wow, everyone must be coming up for air at the same time; lots of interesting stuff has come out in the past couple of days. For your edification: A collection of Tweets containing links to useful things as well as Twitter handles of people you might want to follow.

Bake web content into your videos with Popcorn Maker! Mozilla launches Popcorn Maker, video editing popping with web content From Lady Geek TV (ladygeektv):

Fresh presentation approaches from John Jantsch. From Duct Tape Marketing (ducttapemarketing)

For the “Duh” File:  Ads Disguised as Content Mislead, Annoy: Sponsored Stories, Promoted Tweets found misleading by many. From Karel Bourgois (Bourgois):

To Connect With CMOs, Stop Selling And Start Helping – Forbes From the The CMO Club (TheCMOclub):

And finally, some insights into the issues that are keeping the larger agencies from pulling out of the downward spiral, in two parts. From Brian Morrissey (bmorissey)

Part I: Confessions of a Big-Agency Top Digital Exec

Part II: The Sinking Ship of Agencies

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