So You’re Thinking of Writing A Marketing Book…

My eyes are throbbing from staring at my laptop for four hours editing, but while it’s fresh in my mind I wanted to offer some advice to my marketing professional services peeps who intend to write a book “someday.”

First, find a really good editor. Look for a person who has the ability to take all of your blog posts and newsletters and paper napkin musings and synthesize them into cohesive multi-thousand-word document that will take your reader on a pleasant journey down the river of your expertise.

Better yet, engage that person now to help edit your blog posts and newsletters so that when you’re ready to write a book, the content is already polished, it’s just a matter of recasting it into the new format. Maybe the posts and newsletters actually are your way of incrementally producing the content for the book. (You won’t be the first to have done this!)

Second, a book is an experience. Yes, people will learn things. But you don’t have to tell people every single thing you know. Actually, please don’t. Focus on telling them things that will inspire them to take a next step. Maybe they move from an unaware state to an aware state. Or from aware to planning. Or from planning to action of some kind. (Prochaska, anyone?)

Third, take the time to polish the book until it gleams. This might add a couple of months to the production time, but in the end, you’ll be so glad you did. Your book will be out there representing you on Amazon for decades to come. Make it something you will be proud of, always. Here’s a link to a great article, “Why It Takes So Long To Publish A Book” by Shawn Coyne on the Steven Pressfield blog about what it really takes to produce a good book.

Finally, start raising your industry profile, building your audience, and polling your network for potential guest contributors, now, so that you will have a robust channel through which to communicate news of the book when the time comes.

Obviously, Helena Bouchez is currently editing a heavy marketing book for a client but she also is the editor of “Joe Public Doesn’t Care About Your Hospital,” by Chris Bevolo. 

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