CMxPR Tip Sheet #001

A collection of articles, technology, tips, tricks and other stuff we hope you’ll find helpful.


The New Rainmaker by Blair Enns on the Win Without Pitching website. Most dead on thing I’ve ever read about selling professional services.

Big Night by Shawn Coyne, on the Steven Pressfield Online website. Baseball themed. “It occurs to me that keeping detailed score is what writers and artists do.”

Varieties of Procrastination by David D. Perlmutter, on The Chronicle of Higher Education website. Great strategies for overcoming procrastination, today.

Do it Yourself Public Relations by Julie Schlosser, for Inc. Until you really have the necessary skillsets in-house, your story totally together, and a clear content strategy, you may need help from someone like me to get to this point, but it should absolutely be your goal.

Move Over Entrepreneurs, Here Come the Intrapreneurs by David Armano, for Forbes. He defines an intrapreneur as someone who has an entrepreneurial streak in his or her DNA, but chooses to align his or her talents with a large organization in place of creating his or her own. A number of my colleagues have recently transitioned from business ownership to driving business for a larger company, with great results. (And paid health insurance.)


Rapportive This Gmail plug-in shows you all the different ways you can connect with the your contacts. I’ve installed it. It’s kind of mind-blowing. h/t Blair Enns

Signature Thoughts: Making email messages work harder.

  1. Does your email signature contain a link to your blog and a call to action that prompts people to visit it? Or, a link that enables them to sign up for your newsletter. Purchase your book? It’s a way to offer value to prospects, from the first contact. Caveat: Don’t go nuts and make it obnoxiously long.
  2. If your email signature has pictures in it, consider taking them out. Most email programs block them now, rendering your signature (and professional image) a hot mess. Images also add unnecessarily fat, increasing the amount of storage your message occupies on both ends. Boo.
  3. One size may not fit all. Most email programs enable you to create more than one signature. Experiment. Especially for coaches and other people whose business tend toward the more personal, an inspirational quote (that perhaps changes occasionally) can help quickly communicate your philosophy and the spirit of your brand.

Hat tip: MentorCoach Resource Group, led by executive and life coach Gayle Scroggs, PhD, CMC, PCC. (By the way, one of my very favorite things about MentorCoach is that not only are all the instructors unbelievably generous, they also are all super smarty pantses! “Email signatures” was the topic of last night’s call.)

Next week: More nuggets from my “Mastering Motivational Mindsets” class with Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson!

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