A Ton of Juice For Lemonade Detroit

The Lemonade Detroit short film came to my attention last fall. I happened to stumble on it via this feature by CBS Detroit. I often search the Internet for what’s going on in Detroit. I lived, worked and went to school in the city back in the day and the place was hugely influential, on my personality, outlook and approach to life.

Some cities are thinking cities. Ex., NYC is a thinking city, for sure. It’s interesting and challenging to visit, but my head usually hurts by the time I get home. Detroit, however, is a feeling city. The passion and creative energy there is palpable. And director Erik Proulx has managed to capture that spirit perfectly. So I became a fan. And a producer. Recently, I’ve become more involved and am now helping to raise awareness of the project. The project may be divinely inspired — the second email I sent on LD’s behalf resulted in this:

What is so gratifying about this “hit” is that it is moving forward a project that I have a lot of passion for and that I truly believe in. This one, is personal.

You can become a producer of Lemonade Detroit, too. Buy a T-shirt. They’re cool and get you 24 frames, or one second of the film. And while you are at it, go subscribe to The Ebert Club. It’s ambrosia for movie lovers.


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