5 Things Marketing Firm Leaders Don’t Know

For your edification, here are five of about 5,000 nuggets of competition killing information disseminated at the 2012 New Business Summit, a three-day  intensive that focuses on new business development strategies specifically for creative firms in the marketing industry.

The summit was produced by ReCourses and featured David C. Baker, Blair Enns of Win Without Pitching and Mark O’Brien and Christopher Butler from Newfangled.

See how these grab you:

  1. Marketing firms should break their offerings into two distinct pieces: strategy and implementation.
  2. Soon, professional services sales people will be primarily content creators.
  3. Policies are a great way for new business people to tactfully push back on a prospect’s unreasonable demands.
  4. Marketers are willing to give away their ideas for free in a presentation because they love the process of presenting (not because it’s the best way to close business — as we learned, it is not).
  5. Your competitors are probably ignoring the “no calls” directive on the RFP.

This is my second summit; I attended the first time in 2009, about 18 months after I started my business. I was familiar with David’s work before well before that, which is what inspired me to consciously choose a narrow positioning for the business right out of the block.

In fact, if you are still at an agency but are planning to open your own firm at some point, I recommend that you study the ReCourses site and meet with David at least once before you embark on that adventure. He will save you from making a lot of unnecessary mistakes and set you up for success. If you’re a new business development person at a marketing firm, show this information to your principal and budget the funds now for both of you to attend in 2013.

Another reason to attend: This experience initiates you into an elite group of open minded, curious, creative, smart and super talented individuals who also are fun to be around and with whom you can share similar stories. Unlike most conferences, I always come home energized by this one (an unusual occurrence for this introvert).

I will be processing the information from the summit on this blog in subsequent weeks, so stay tuned and check out the links above for inspiration and motivation on things you can do to move your marketing firm forward.

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