How to Redefine Public Relations

The Public Relations Society of American (PRSA) recently launched a campaign to redefine public relations. You can weigh in via this form.

I’m not sure, however, that crowdsourcing a definition is the right way to solve this problem. I think as community, we first need to understand and agree on our profession’s collective strategic story. (I’ve learned about strategic storytelling over the past year, from my client, Bill Baker, principal of BB&Co Strategic Storytelling.) We need to uncover what our function and relationship to business is, what we want it to be, and then figure out how to best communicate it.

To get there will require some of us to change how we think about the profession, the boundaries of which are now blurred with marketing, advertising, design and technology. And it also will require us to educate prospects and influencers on how things have changed, which is a big challenge all by itself.

Crowdsourcing a solution to this problem is reactive approach. We need to back up and figure out the difference between what we’re now known for and what we want to be known for and then work as a profession to cultivate understanding, internally and externally, around that vision.

In other news:

The Blogging Bootcamp with Penelope Trunk and Brazen Careerist was awesome.

The first change I’m going to make is to switch back to posting on one subject at a time, rather rolling up several ideas into one post as I’ve done for the past couple of months.

My goal is to facilitate some conversations between members of my audience, small professional services firms in the creative industry. The new format will start (officially) with the next post. Let me know what you think.

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