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On my mind this week:


If you’ve never heard of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, you’re in for a treat. They gave an outstanding performance at McCarter Theater in Princeton NJ on Nov. 9 and were on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC) on Nov. 14. Here is the video – enjoy. (Long ad precedes, hang in there, it’s worth it.) http://bit.ly/rHkTrs

It was just such a relief for me to hear extremely accomplished musicians play complex and thrilling compositions many of which were written in a time signature other than 4/4. I also love Futureman’s Drumitar.

I also noticed Bela Fleck (banjo) is wearing a Wooten Woods T-shirt from Flecktone bassist Victor Wooten’s  music camp,  which I attended in 2005. (BNC 2005, represent!) If you’re a musician, or you know one, or your kid is one, you should check out the camp. It’s life changing.

Speaking of camp, bass legend (and friend) Chuck Rainey, who is a regular instructor there, recently suffered a stroke. He’s on the mend and expected to make a full recovery, but that brings me to the next thing on my mind.


According to this article in Wired, Under Pressure: The Search for a Stress Vaccine, “Chronic stress is like a slow-motion stroke.” Extremely clear explanation of the invisible process and undeniable effects. Denial be gone. Put down that bag of cheesy poofs and get thee to the gym. Then fire that abusive client.  h/t @sarahbeckley

reputation rehab room

Bank of America brought in Malcolm Gladwell for series of presentations for small businesses. But first they had to sit through this (from the B of A release): In each market, Gladwell’s presentation was preceded by a panel discussion on relationship capital, a core component of business success, moderated by a Bank of America Small Business regional leader and featuring a cross section of prominent business leaders from each local market. First, yawn. Second, B of A moderating a panel on relationship capital? Bwooop, bwooop: Irony alert. Check out today’s American Banker Morning Scan for the full bit – it’s great.


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