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On my mind this week:

the content monster

For the first time in six weeks, I’ve blown a blog post deadline. The cat ate it. Not really. I actually have a post started, but the ideas — trust and transfer of wealth,  networking, making money — aren’t nearly developed enough to publish.

Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what things really mean. Sometimes you have a feeling about something but you don’t know what it is until you try to articulate it. William Zinsser talks about this in his book Writing to Learn. So rather than churn out a half-baked post on something I’ve probably said ten times before, I am writing about not being ready to write what I wanted to write. So that you know that when you sit down to write a post and nothing comes, you are SO not alone.

most advice about blogging is stupid

Or, so says blogger Penelope Trunk. But blogging serves a whole bunch of other valuable purposes that ultimately can lead to business that will deliver profit.  @sarahbeckley and I have signed up for Penelope’s blogging bootcamp, a five-day online endeavor that starts next Monday. You can check it out here. I’ll provide a report on some of what I learned in the Nov. 22 post. (Whew, at least I know what I will be writing about for Nov. 22. And so it goes.)


I’ve often thought how nice it would be if I could write a program for my life that included all of the things I wanted to accomplish, in what order and by what time, then type “run” at the command prompt and hit Enter and have the whole thing execute, flawlessly.

Alas, I’m not a machine.

Things come up. Routines get derailed. People don’t play their parts the way that we want or need them to. Strive. Do your best. Have goals. Know you’re going to get derailed on occasion and decide now that when it happens you will assess the situation and use all available energy to get things back on track.

A wonderful and wise teacher, Goswami Kriyananda, says this: “People believe that it is through suffering that people grow. But, if you become aware and look around, and study history, you will see that no degree of suffering brings unfoldment. It brings degradation. People can adjust to anything and everything – even to pain and suffering. Learn though joy and happiness, now. ” (Serendipitously, this also is the daily quote for Nov. 8. Pretty cool.)

Now, about that track…


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