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I was skeptical about this influence measurement tool from the outset but I was curious to see how it worked so I jumped on the Klout bandwagon fairly early on. My score at one point was as high as 56. I will admit that it was affirming, in a Stuart Smalley kind of way.  I even got a Klout Perk once, a 2 oz. tube of Axe hair gel. I gave the stuff to my boyfriend’s oldest son, 15, who actually liked it more than the $15 jar of hair goop I bought for him at the salon. Go figure.

Today, however, my score is a paltry 36. It’s been in steady decline since I decided about a month ago to shift my focus to writing one high value (hopefully) blog post every week instead of frantically tweeting, posting to Facebook, checking into Foursquare and updating my status on LinkedIn. I also decided to start using my lunch hour to work out. (I’m rebellious like that.)

And my score is about to get worse. A lot worse. Because I just unlinked all my social networks from the big K and revoked its access to Twitter. I’m tired of being a guinea pig.

Here are links to some of the content that “influenced” my decision to sit out Klout (as much as it’s possible to sit out, ahem).

  • Privacy Fail: Klout Has Gone Too Far by Tonya Ries. Wrap your mind around this one: According to Reis’ post, Facebook is looking into some privacy issues. Completing the circle of irony, Facebook has just applied for this patent. (via @bruceschneier via @cspenn #the5)
  • No One Gives a Damn About Your Klout Score by Alexia Tsotsis. I’m with Alexia as far as her statement “You have to respect Klout for being a first mover in an industry sector that will inevitably create much value.” I would add — eventually.
  • For those who want to see some quantitative data on the effects of the change in algorithm, check out @cspenn’s post here.
  • And if you just need a chuckle, check out this Xtranormal video: What the Heck Is Klout? Employee: “It’s like social media credit score.” Boss: “Then you use it to buy stuff.” Employee: “Not exactly…” (Unless, of course, you count the hair gel.)


I’d love it if marketing and sales site Rain Today would do a survey on how many other tattooed professionals could not resist clicking on the link to this article (quite good) State Your Perspective As If It Were a Tattoo on Your Knuckles, by contributing editor Michael W. McLaughlin.

that truth thing

Hypothes.is wants to take peer review to the Internet. This is a Kickstarter project that will be a distributed, open-source platform for the collaborative evaluation of information. This project aims to improve the credibility of the information we encounter so that we can have a fighting chance of figuring out what’s true, which will lead, hopefully, to making more informed decisions. The project closes at midnight on Nov.14. (Yeah, I’m a backer. Fifty bucks worth. Props to Kickstarter, they sure makes it easy for you to fork over the dough.)


I’m planning to be in NYC at Ad:Tech on Nov. 10 and am looking for people to interview (in person) for a series posts to the MarketingProfs Daily Fix blog. If you’ve got something you think my audience would be interested in (could be a product or just fresh thinking) let’s get together.

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