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new business

Penelope Trunk debunks the romance of self-employment in this post about the reality of being self-employed.  Stressing over money can force you to make a lot of decisions that are bad for your business. By maintaining a good reserve and not overextending, you retain your ability to say no to work or clients that are not a fit with your positioning. So if you are in a bad financial position, you need to fix that first.

Once that’s fixed, then you need to start to look for reasons to say no. ReCourses’ David Baker points out, “when there is a fit between your firm and the marketing prospect, there is very little that you can do to kill the opportunity.” Baker also says that if you’re any good at all at what you’re doing opportunity should eventually exceed capacity. If it doesn’t, then prospects don’t understand how you’re different, you’re in an over served market, or you need take a look at your craft.

straight talk

Be sure to check out “The Death of Branding and the Scam of Storytelling,” an interview of David C. Baker by Jeff Hayden on CBS/Bnet.com. Whoa. Word.

Initially, I was going to write about Charlie Rose’s recent interview with bazillionaire Ray Dalio, but after having spent a goodly part of my weekend reading about him, my reactions are too much to write here and out of orbit even for this crazy blog. If you’re curious, go to charlierose.com and watch the interview, then email me. I’m happy to have a conversation about it. Very interesting.


I spent a good portion of my 20’s in Detroit, as a design student at Center for Creative Studies (’83-’85), then as a resident of the Park Shelton (’86-’87) and later, as an art student at Wayne State University (’87-’90). Though my home is now far from the Motor City, the grit and heart of the place is part of my DNA. For this reason,  I am very happy to see Erik Proulx’s documentary, “Lemonade Detroit,” get some love from the Detroit media. Watch the trailer. Then, if you feel it, fund some frames. You’ll be glad you did.

fun stuff

Get your Gutenberg on with the Moveable Type Truck! http://type-truck.com/ Coming soon, to a town near you.  h/t @shader


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