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Along with the rest of you, I watched with interest via a variety of online outlets, the different responses to the passing last Wednesday of a creative giant.

In so many cases, I couldn’t help thinking, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” (I’m not alone.)

Please, before you use  breaking news as a springboard for self-promotion, first look in the mirror and answer this question: What’s your agenda?

“What’s your agenda?” That is possibly the most important question anyone ever has ever asked me. The person who asked it of me, early on in my career, was another brilliant creative and important mentor to me and many others. Alas, he’s gone, too. At 56. From cancer.

Peter taught me to always focus first on I wanted to create – my agenda.  Where I wanted to land. Then back into how to get there. It’s advice that has served me faithfully for nearly two decades.

So before you publish that news-related post, stop and ask yourself. What is my agenda? And will publishing this content or making these statements really move me forward — or really not?

the economy

I just finished Pinched: How the Great Recession Has Narrowed Our Futures and What We Can Do About It. Here’s my main takeaway: If you’ve got teenagers, don’t send them to work at the local ice cream shop, teach them to freelance. They’ll make three times the amount of money and it will be something they can always fall back on. How to create a job for yourself should be taught to everyone in high school. Barry Moltz speaks to this in his Oct. 6 interview with Carrie Wilkerson, “Stop Waiting to Be Rescued: 5 Ways to Bail Yourself Out.” (h/t Smartbrief on ExecTech)

After that heavy read, I need some escapism. I am now reading The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. It’s available for free (Kindle edition) on the public domain.

media ops

Here’s a nice way to get your firm mentioned in Inc. Magazine (h/t to @dyanaKF).  From the website: “Have you tried a new product or service that helps you run your business? Head to www.inc.com/thegoods and tell us about it. We run the best comments in the magazine every month.”

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