HBXPR Bits | Liars and fears, infographics and MVP

I spend eons trolling social media and poking around websites for what’s new, inspiring and provocative. Sometimes I find things on obscure cable channels. Often I’m inspired by Charlie Rose and his guests.  Here is a recap of the best stuff I’ve seen over the past week and why I think each is worth a look.


“Kipling” is one of many videos featured this week in the Ebert Club Newsletter (#82). Read Ebert’s blog. The song, by Finnish indie-rock band Magenta Skycode, is built around a quote by author Rudyard Kipling, “Of all the liars in the world sometimes the worst are your own fears.” Indeed.

Infographics: According to an oft-quoted study by University of Minnesota for 3M, we process visual imagery 60,000 times faster than text. (Sorry, no supporting link, but I tracked the stat back to an e-book with a footnote directing me to a file on the 3M site that longer exists.) I’ve been experimenting.

Here is a visual history of Twitter. If I were the leader of a creative shop, or someone that generated statistics, I’d be creating and publishing infographics relevant to clients-to-be, everywhere. Just sayin’.

Mindnode.pro (Mac only) is an easy to use mind mapping application. Next time you need to make a presentation, try creating discussion maps rather than listing bullet points. Or before you do your bullets, map it out. You will see things differently.

Finally, we can’t talk about infographics without talking about Edward Tufte.

Yes, we know your product/offering works, but does it have a personality? If you’ve got a smokin’ hot product or offering but can’t get anyone’s attention, read this post by Giant Robot Dinosaur on Minimum Viable Personality via NYC VC Fred Wilson right now. It’s a very clear (and graphical) explanation of why you must find a way to identify and express the personality of your product/offering.

I can tell you it’s a (helluva) lot easier to promote a client who is brave enough to claim and promote his/her firm’s personality. Chris Bevolo, president of healthcare marketing firm Interval, is a great example. His latest book is titled “Joe Public Doesn’t Care About Your Hospital.” Interval also is behind “The Weekly Probe” (Think: “The Onion” for healthcare).  And their podcast is called the “Arrogant Healthcare Marketing Bastards.” When a million other people are providing essentially the same service, there has to be a reason for them to gravitate (better: be drawn like a magnet to steel) toward you.

good reads

Working my way through “Pinched.” Pretty grim stuff. Apparently there is hope, but the author hasn’t gotten there yet. It’s good, and has given me a lot of perspective, but I need to stop reading it before bed.

Downloaded: We Are all Weird, by Seth Godin.


FreeConferenceCall.com is outstanding. Now there is FreeScreenSharing.com, an online meeting and web conferencing tool that enables screen sharing, product demonstrations, webinars, training sessions, more. Yes, it really is free.

Via @stevebuttry Just learned: To embed a tweet in a wordpress.com blog post, just cut & paste URL into the story as a paragraph. Really easy. Here’s how it looks.


The Sun Center in Trenton has minor league hockey again! The Trenton Titans are back! (PHL Flyers affiliate). Watch for (more) Groupon offers.


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