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I spend about 30 minutes a day trolling Twitter for what’s new, inspiring and provocative. Since the half life of a tweet is measured in minutes (if you happen to see it at all) I have drawn some inspiration by a blog post from Mitch Joel and have recapped the best stuff I’ve shared over the past few weeks, and why I think each is worth a look.


Speaking of Mitch Joel:  This came across my screen via @cspenn ‘s “The Five”: The Fleeting Value of Content by Mitch Joel. In this post Joel asserts that most content screams into an empty universe. That may be true IF what you’re doing is creating scads of “meh” content and then sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring. (Or the mentions to flow. Or the comments to appear.) For most of us, however, content serves the following purposes: to confirm our positioning and expertise with prospects and influencers who are considering hiring us, as a calling card, something we can offer as proof of our value, and our thinking, and a way to get to know us. It also makes our Google presence into a tapestry of thinking, rather than a recounting of our social media memberships. The key is to DO something with the content once it is created. Preferably, use it in some way to start a relationship with someone IRL (in real life). But that does require you to risk overt rejection, rather than implied rejection (which then again may or may not be real).

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