Why consistency is the key to successful profile raising

If you’ve decided to undertake a profile raising program, you’ve got to keep the faith — and keep it up. Blogging, engaging in social media and speaking will, over time, establish a loose connection based rapport with the people who can either hire you or direct business to you. (Then you have to close that business, but that’s another post.)

If you’re not consistent in your own promotional efforts, it sends a subliminal message to people about what working with you might be like (erratic) even if it’s not true.

(Note: One finger may be pointed at you, but the other three are pointing back at me. That is why you will see me showing up here with a post — even if it’s about marketing and the weather — every Tuesday from here on out.)

In this business especially, actions speak louder than words. What you’re showing to the outside world must match up with the experience that you know your clients are having.

Why is it so hard? In my experience, people blow off doing the work for three main reasons: 1. They get impatient and expect immediate results. 2. They get bored with the process because it’s a straight-up maintenance rather than creative task. 3. They think they do not have time.

“Keeping it up” is also inconvenient. (Argh, it’s Monday night, I’ve worked all day and I still have to write a post before I quit for the day?) It takes you away from current client work (Argh, I have to get up at 5 a.m. because on top of everything I have to catch up on Twitter and comment on some blog posts?) And it takes a frakking long time to reach the tipping point (12-18 months) IF you’re consistent. If you’re not consistent, it can take years. Or never. One thing is for certain: half measures in this area avail you pretty much, nothing.

So make the time and do what you need to do to bake this into your daily routine. Hire someone to help you. (Ex. my C-level clients literally phone their posts and articles into me — usually from the gate at airports. I take dictation, clean it up and shoot the draft back to them via email for the final polish. They love it!)  Be patient and work the process. I’ve seen it pay off — for those that walk the talk.


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