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In my most recent post for the MarketingProfs DailyFix I interview marketing consultant (and fellow DailyFix blogger) Elaine Fogel about the importance of letting clients know that change is necessary for business growth. You’d think this was obvious, but like Elaine, I run into this phenomenon all the time. Many business owners seem genuinely surprised that they will need to change how they operate day to day, if they want to attract the amount and type of attention they’re after.

In the olden days (read: before the Internet and social media) hiring a firm to “handle business promotion” was a valid strategy. Now, however, business leader and marcom consultant have to work together to achieve desired marketing goals. And more and more often, those goals include helping to effect internal change via staff training and coaching. Today, whether you want them to be or not, every employee is a purveyor of public relations for your company. It probably would be good if they  knew what they were doing!

The other challenge clients are facing is keeping up with the demands of a content-driven marketing program. A good writer and editor can ensure that your blog is updated regularly and that by-lined articles get written by interviewing executives via phone and knocking together drafts for them to refine and then kick back for a final polish.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the marketing consultant is a valuable source of information about what other people are doing in your industry (and out of it) that is driving results. Granted those things will probably require you to change, but take heart, at least you can now count on the need to constantly change to always stay the same.


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