5 Ways To Get More Out of Your PR Investment

If you’ve engaged a PR resource to help you get some attention, chances are you’re spending some significant change. Following are five ways you can get more out of your investment.

  1. De-emphasize the press release. Most professional services firms generate very little that the media considers news, and even less that they are interested in covering. Focus the bulk of PR efforts on content creation and relationship building. Both investments will pay you back with interest – long after the press mention (i.e, two weeks) is forgotten.
  2. Hire for expertise rather than for a Rolodex. Meaning, someone who understands your industry and already has a handle on the vocabulary. It will significantly cut down the amount of time you will spend explaining yourself and rewriting articles, and will increase the chance pitches will connect.
  3. Engage our help in identifying opportunities for you to establish and nurture connections directly with the media and other influencer types. We can help craft the communications, but the email or tweet should come directly from you, because most media don’t have the time or inclination to communicate through a mediator anymore.
  4. Designate an internal marketing “traffic cop,” a single point of contact responsible for fielding all of our information requests and ensuring that they’re answered in a timely manner.
  5. For maximum impact, media engagement needs to be done by you/your employees – not by us. Use us instead as a resource to help train and coach your staff, monitor messaging and help you establish social media policies and protocols.

Raising a firm’s industry profile is a marathon not a sprint. The right PR resource, properly engaged, can significantly amplify your efforts and get you the attention you deserve, faster. And that’s worth every penny.


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