Why You Must Aspire to Be More Consistent

In a world gone crazy with constant change, I believe that the ability to demonstrate steadiness and consistency is soon going to become a huge point of differentiation for marketers.

The media like a good story, so of course you are going to hear about the overnight successes, but for most businesses the road to success is a hard, slow, slog that can be excruciatingly boring.

Boredom (or sameness) is anathema to marketers, who by nature like to create but dislike having to maintain. But maintenance (consistency) is where the money is.

You don’t have to like being consistent, but I can tell you that it is possible to have no opinion of it and just do it. Like brushing your teeth so that they do not eventually fall out. Or exercising so that you have ample energy and health. To dislike these things is a waste of energy. Moreover, to avoid doing that which you need to do for your health (personal or business) is immature and irresponsible.

Where in your business are you needing to be consistent?  What changes do you have to make to get there?

(Hat tip to David C. Baker for his insights about creatives and process.)

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