Why You Should Build a Learning Network

With the pace at which things change now, we are all constantly re-learning how to do our jobs. Alas, this will not be changing.

There are many ways to keep up, classes, seminars and the like,  but possibly the best way I’ve found is to create a learning network.

My learning network contains a productivity expert, a web development company CEO, a content strategist, an email marketing guru and a whole bunch of public relations professionals. I speak to one or two a week for 10-15 minutes, just to find out what’s new and cool or to pick their brains on how I could do things better, faster, smarter.

Typically it’s a mutual love fest of sharing, but for heavy duty information transfer I insist on paying. This entitles me to the expert’s undivided attention and enables me to get detailed answers to very specific, tough questions. (I can typically figure out the answers to the easy questions!) I just find this is a much more efficient way to learn that making time to sit and watch a web seminar, hang on a call with 10 hundred others, or to travel somewhere to sit passively while someone lectures at me.

Going to conferences and classes can be a lot of fun, but before you sign up for the next one, do the math and figure out how much private tutoring that might buy you. You may be surprised.

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