Why You Should Write a Book

If you’ve decided you need to raise your personal profile  or the profile of your company, a book can open doors to strategically selected speaking gigs and media appearances that might be a tougher sell otherwise.There are people who will say I am wrong about this, and they are not wrong.

That’s not a proofing error. They’re not wrong. Theoretically, you don’t need a book, if you have a blog and a newsletter, ways to communicate with prospects and influencers — and you’re actively working your sales pipeline. You can get along without one. But if you’re raising your profile is part of your strategy to ease the lead generation process, a book definitely can help get your foot in the door with the media and conference content directors.

Case/point: I pitched three clients to a journalist for a feature today. Two had at least two books, one has just hired me to raise his profile, so doesn’t yet have a book. He has great blog content and is fantastic on camera with video to prove it, so that should compensate for his relative newness on the media scene. I am relatively certain the two with books will be accepted. I’m crossing my fingers for the third, hoping, praying she fires up the video. Otherwise, we might have to lay down a little more written evidence of his expertise online before the editor will bite. But we’ll see. (I’ll let you know the results in a future post.)

Regardless, if you are an expert who other people recognize as a thought leader in your industry, you really should write at least one book, as a symbol of this achievement. A trophy for the countless (10,000+) hours you’ve spent mastering your craft. The writing of it will be time consuming, but it should not be very hard, as you will have myriad real world examples to share (named or veiled) right at your fingertips. It can be self-published — if you have a publishing company that publishes other titles. Otherwise, it can be published by a small but reputable press — you will be tasked with the marketing of the book, either way!

If you need a book coach, contact Jerry Mundis http://getitwritten.com/. He coached me through the writing of a 273-page novel. Since I was working full time, I could only spend 30 minutes a day 4-5 days a week, so on his suggestion, that is what I did. It took about a year. But it got drafted. It got done.

Give it some thought.

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