Wrangling LinkedIn: Groups

In preparation for an upcoming web seminar with a few of my compatriots, I have been pounding on LinkedIn to see if I can surface some new relationships. Meaning, people willing to trade an actual email or two so we can get acquainted.

So far: I’ve added keywords to my details and pulled this blog through to my LinkedIn profile. I also reached out via email to two contacts. One with which I had a very ancillary relationship while in another job and another “open networker” via LinkedIn message. Neither returned my correspondence.

Finally, I opened up my connection policy to include pretty much anyone who asks (even though LinkedIn frowns on this).

Note: I did break my connection to a woman in the healthcare industry that appeared to be naked in her profile picture. Though, announcing in my status that I will not connect with those who appear to be naked did elicit a reply from an old acquaintance from Chicago who now lives on the east coast. So, be sure to update your status on LinkedIn more than just automatically via Twitter with the #in or #li hashtag.

Meanwhile, I rejoined PRSA and joined that LinkedIn Group and also joined Christopher Penn’s “Marketing Over Coffee” group. I immediately answered questions, or weighed in on a topic in both groups. Both efforts resulted in additional immediate communications either within LinkedIn or over email. Score!

The difference between these groups and the others I’ve joined is that I already had some type of affiliation with both of them. And the questions being asked were well within my wheelhouse, so it was easy to contribute.

I had to kiss some frogs before I found these, so don’t be afraid to kiss and bail if your group does not turn into a price or princess. (Meaning, no one engages with you after the first few weeks of participation.) Just move on and try some more groups until you find one or two with which you can live happily ever after.

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