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Earlier this month, I posted on MarketingProfs DailyFix an excerpt of sorts from my colleague Mark O’Brien’s forthcoming book: “Make the Website Work: The Small Agency’s Guide to Creating Effective Marketing Sites for Themselves and Their Clients.” The book, slated for publication by Rockbench, will be released later this year.

O’Brien, whom I met at the ReCourses annual New Business Summit a few years back, is the president of web development firm Newfangled. Newfangled helps ad agencies build better websites for their clients.

I freely admit that this website wouldn’t be one iota as effective as an actual marketing tool without Mark’s help. (FYI: If you need a WordpPress developer contact Chel Wolverton. She helped me put Mark’s advice into action.)

The result is a site that is not only a true marketing tool but also a great teaching tool I can use to help clients understand why they need the site to be and do more than an online brochure. So, if you want to know what questions are essential to ask before you undertake a website renovation, read this madly (154 tweets and counting) popular post -.

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