Crafting quotes that connect

In addition to the 5Ws and H, it is customary for a press release to contain a quote or two from the company spokesperson — you.

Quotes are a golden opportunity for you to tie your announcement to current events or to weigh in on an industry trend that concerns your audience.

Former AP reporter and content strategist Lauren Edwards passes on a great trick for crafting meaningful quotes (via

“Don’t write a quote at all. Finish writing your release, then circle back to something you already wrote and slap quotation marks around it. Then tweak it to add external context that’s on your audience’s minds. Then tweak again to add interpretation or opinion.”

Awesome advice. Add this: Never ever ever should you be “excited, delighted, proud” and, for the love of God, please do not try to “sound like an executive.”

Best: Sound like a person who deeply understands the issues and concerns of your audience.

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