Why you need a clipping file

Coming up with a ideas for three posts a week, even short ones, is a challenge. That is why you need to be on the lookout for ideas all the time.

Once you come across an idea, you then need to “clip it out” and save it in your “blog fodder” clipping file.

Brainstorming rules apply. In other words, if you read or see something interesting, don’t stop and try to figure out how to use it in a post. Just trust your judgment, save it and go about your business.

Some places to look for ideas (with links):

  1. Your Twitter stream
  2. PSFK.com
  3. LaughingSquid.com
  4. Good.is
  5. Harvard Business Review blogs
  6. Fast Company blogs
  7. New York Times Arts Beat blog
  8. MarketingProfs
  9. Springwise.com
  10. Design Observer

When it comes time to sit down to write a post, simply open your clipping file and see what jumps out at you. A blog post should really not be longer than 300 words. If it goes longer, the post probably needs to be edited down, or it needs to be a paper or article, which is a different animal altogether.

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