Be more interesting

Being boring is the best way to ensure your obscurity and the invisibility of your firm. You must find a way to make it interesting to others.

Of course, your work or ideas may not be boring at all. But if you want to jazz things up a bit, consider this list of “interesting” criteria when writing about your ideas and promoting your work.

A thing or idea is interesting when it:

  • Has a distinct point of view. (Especially if it’s controversial.)
  • Introduces something new.
  • Tells them something they don’t already know.
  • Tells them something they might know, but causes them to see it in a new way.
  • Displays a sense of humor and whimsy.

Assignment: Keeping this list in mind, write and post on your blog an interesting tiny (125 word) story about your latest project.

For some examples, see this related post, aptly titled: How to be interesting.

For other consequences of being boring, read “You’re Boring,” by Seth Godin.

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