Comment blogging

No time to write a complete blog post? Consider “comment blogging.” Comment blogging is where you find a complementary blog that serves your audience (trade publication, non-competitor, etc.) and you establish a regular presence there by adding your thoughts and conversing with other commenters on select posts.

Some guidelines:

  1. Look for blogs that already have a lively, intelligent conversation going on and join in. Harvard Business Review blogs are great, for example. Avoid commenting on blogs where there are ignorant comments or comment spam. Use good judgment when deciding whether to be the first (or only) commenter on a post.
  2. Make sure that your first comment stands on its own and still makes sense when read without the context of its inspiration — the original post.
  3. If you have an opposing view, position it respectfully and back up your assertions so that the post author can elegantly rebut your argument. Don’t be afraid to be controversial as a well-executed discussion on a controversial topic can be an absolute reader magnet.

Comment blogging should not take the place of blogging on your own website, but it can be a very effective way to raise your profile and pique the interest of prospects, influencers and the media.

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