Reuse and recycle content

Have a hungry blog monster that needs feeding? Take heart. Content is all around you.

  1. That white paper you wrote two years ago? Pull out one salient point and add some current thoughts.
  2. Have blog posts that are more than one year old? Troll back looking for one to which you can add some perspective.
  3. That article that was published in an industry trade magazine last month?. Think of another aspect that needs discussing. (This is a good way to make use of good ideas that didn’t quite fit into the article for one reason or another.) Think of the article as cake. You’re simply reshuffling the ingredients to make say, brownies. Or cupcakes.

Many people feel compelled to create absolutely new content every time they approach the page. Not only is this not necessary, it’s impossible. And impractical. And possibly, even inefficient for the reader, who actually may be helped by reading about the same subject from a slightly different perspective.

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