Build relationships with reporters

News outlets have become huge content monsters that need to be fed 7/24/365. Therefore, any qualified person who proves that they can consistently provide a reporter with rich, relevant content should have no problem connecting with them. Here’s how it works:

  1. Identify  2-3 influential journalists/bloggers who write about what’s happening in your industry.
  2. Carefully read at least 10 pieces of what they’ve written.
  3. Notice who is quoted. Are they similar to you? Daydream for a minute about what a quote from you would have sounded like.
  4. Keep following those journalists and reading their articles, watching for a piece that could have used your expert opinion (quote).
  5. Write down 2-3 sentences based on your expertise that you think could have made the story richer.
  6. Write a very very very short email to the journalist that references the piece and adds your insights. Briefly outline who you are (why you are qualified) and offer yourself up to them as a source for future articles.
  7. Proofread. Send.

You may get an email back right away, in which case you need to acknowledge it right away. If you don’t back, please don’t follow up. Simply wait for the next article and opportunity to add texture, rinse and repeat the process until you hit pay dirt. Good luck!

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