Make your website title bar descriptive

Take advantage of this relatively easy website search engine optimization technique: Make your titles descriptive. The title is the strip of text on top of your website, that typically states your firm’s name. You actually can control this area and fill it with text that describes what’s on each page of your website. Not only does this tell the visitor what to expect on the page, it also tells Google, et al, why it should care about your page and if you’ve done it right, who would be interested.

Below is the title that appears on web development company Newfangled’s home page.

Example of Title Tag

Here is the title that appears on their “About” page:

About page title

You get the idea.

Your web person can change these very easily by adjusting what occurs between the Title tags. Or, if you’re web savvy, you already know how easy this is to do.

For a longer explanation of why you should do this (and a bunch of other things), read this article “SEO Basic Tips” by Newfangled’s Chris Creech.


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