What do you want to be known for?

Deciding what you want to be known for is the first step toward becoming recognized for it. This might sound obvious, but it’s really not. The marketing-speak way to ask this question is “What is your positioning?” Today’s assignment: Complete at least one of these sentences:

[Your name, or your company’s name] helps [your target audience] _________.
[Your name, or your company’s name] provides ____________ for [your target audience].

Here are some actual examples:

  • Newfangled helps advertising agencies build better websites for their clients.
  • ReCourses provides business management advice to small marketing firms worldwide.
  • Win Without Pitching: Business development guidance for marketing communication agencies.
  • Helena B Communications provides public relations coaching and services to small marketing and technology firms.

(P.S. This exercise actually is much harder than it looks.)

More about positioning, and the power of the very small niche, in another post.


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