Chris Bevolo quoted in Florida News-Press

This interview came in “over the transom,” the result of a web search by the journalist for an authority on hospital marketing.

Chris Bevolo was quoted in an August 13 story in in Fort Myers, Florida about Lee Memorial Memorial Health System and its plan to increase its advertising. Here’s the section in the story, in response to the reporter’s question as to why advertising for a non-profit health system was needed at all:

“Specialty facilities, such as walk-in clinics, and “medical tourism” outside the community can eat away at a large institution’s bottom line, said Chris Bevolo, a Minneapolis-based health care marketing consultant.

‘Even though these hospitals are nonprofit, they need to compete,’ Bevolo said. ‘It forces them to try to improve to attract patients. That’s kind of the American way, and there’s a lot of benefits to that.’”

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