Feeding the Content Monster

My latest post for MarketingProfs.com Daily Fix blog went live today. Titled “5 Tips for Interviews that Produce Great Content,” it’s the product of an interview with DishyMix host and master interviewer Susan Bratton.

Most of my posts come from information gleaned from interviews of other experts. This does two things: allows me to learn something new while also giving me something new to pass onto the Marketingprofs.com audience. Twofer!

Interviewing, however, is just one way of generating ideas for content. Check out “100 Sources of Blogging Inspiration” – http://bit.ly/drOUeD This resource came my way via Twitter and content marketer @michelelinn, whom I met at a breakfast roundtable at the Marketingprofs B2B Forum this past May.

The other resource I wanted to make available again, less transiently, is this blog post by @therisetothetop5 Predictions On The Future Of Marketing, PR and Advertising Agencies.”  http://bit.ly/bGma2T

Also check out my new coaching program: Unique Great and Visible: Coaching for Marketing and Technology Thought Leaders. It’s a super cost effective solution for individual consultants and very small businesses. Longer white paper  here.

[Image from io9.com in promotion of “Welcome to Monster Isle,” a cool kid’s book.]

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