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We’re all Internet marketers, now. Clients who are considering engaging you look at your website and LinkedIn profile to confirm your expertise. As marketers, most of the assets we produce for our clients end up online. It makes sense then, to expand our reach, to create a way to use what we  know to generate passive income as well, whether from  e-books, on-demand webinars or income streams from affiliates that are related to your business but that do not compete with it. All serve your audience, and allow them to engage at different levels, depending on what they need and what they can afford.

The best place to learn how to do this, bar none, is Third Tribe. Third Tribe was founded by Brian Clark of Copyblogger, Darren Rowse of Problogger, Sonia Simone of Remarkable Communications, and Chris Brogan of New Marketing Labs.

It is THE place to get information about truly effective Internet marketing techniques, information that comes not only from the Clark-Rowse-Simone-Brogan quartet, but also from others they think exemplify the Third Tribe mindset (not too spammy, not too soft). Read more about the Third Tribe mindset. (Note: It’s an affiliate link, so if you join I get credit. Yay!)

How do I know Third Tribe is the real deal? Because about five years ago, I flew round trip from Chicago to L.A. in one day to take a class with one of the best known names in “First Tribe” Internet marketing.  I also spent hundreds of dollars on the “supporting” materials, which he had available “in limited quantities” at the event. But once I got everything home, I found I wasn’t able to do a thing with it because (besides not being comfortable with the communications approach, which is based on manipulation and fear rather than service) there was no support. No one to explain the steps. Just me, cognitive dissonance and 37 CDs. Fail.

What you will find at Third Tribe is information. Tons. You can take the info and run (go it alone) or if you want some hand holding (that would be me) there is a robust community that you can tap into.

How much? $47 a month. A steal, considering the resources. That’s why it’s going up to $97 a month on June 1. Still a steal, by the way. Anyway, check it out. Those of you who know me know I give endorsements very sparingly.  If you want to build a successful Internet business, Third Tribe Marketing will help you. Here’s the link again: Third Tribe Marketing. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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