The Benefits of Narrow Positioning

In my latest post for the Marketingprofs Daily Fix, I interviewed David C. Baker, owner of ReCourses, Inc., which provides individual consulting, seminars, speaking, and writing exclusively for firms in the marketing industry (design, advertising, public relations, interactive, and in-house), on a topic we are both passionate about: Positioning. (See “5 Insights on Narrow Positioning.”)

In the interview, David focuses on the bottom line benefits of narrow positioning, which is to say, making your business less relevant to most clients so that you can maximize efficiency and profitability working with a select few. But from an expertise public relations standpoint, narrow positioning also makes it a lot easier to become known for something and recognized as an industry expert on it.

The biggest problem with being general is that to gain recognition, you have to be more places, all the time. Imagine the difference between having to work a crowd at a big party of 100 people versus an intimate cocktail party of 15. Getting to those 85 additional “people” takes a commensurate amount of additional effort. And because there are so many more people competing for everyone’s attention, the probability of them remembering you is dramatically diminished.

The moral of the story is: You either need to narrow down your positioning or be prepared to work 10x harder (and/or spend 10x as much money if you want someone to help you) to raise your profile among prospects and influencers who are monitoring 10x more information outlets.

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