An afternoon with Seth Godin

Spent the day at Digital Sandbox, 55 Broad Street NYC, at the Small Business Tech Summit (link is to Twitter hashtags). Seth Godin was the keynoter. I’ve seen dozens of “inspirational” speakers, have read a couple of Seth’s books and was prepared to be mildly entertained and to have heard most of it before. (I think the word for that is “jaded.”) But I digress.

Actually, Seth said many new things. Amazing things. Disturbing things. But really, what makes Seth Godin so completely remarkable is the way in which he says them. Something about the level of his conviction, the down-to-his-bones knowing, the vibe of what he says. It’s so — unvarnished. He’s very good on audio too of course,  but there’s something special about hearing someone like that in person that cannot be duplicated in a recording. Go see him live, if you can. Also check out his new book: “Linchpin: Are you Indispensable?

There is much more information I want to share with you, but I need some time to integrate it and pull it into a series of coherent posts. Thanks again to @ducttape for the ticket, the event was well worth it and I’m looking forward to attending again next year.

Just in case you’ve missed my Tweets on this or aren’t on Twitter, I’ve got an article on how to get a speaking gig up on and a blog post on presentation trends on! Please share.  By the by, I will be live tweeting and blogging at the B2B event in May and my readers get a discount (click link or on badge below).

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