Technology drives your business: Got infrastructure?

I’ve been with the same web host since 2003 and this week I ditched them (but they don’t know it yet). Why? This website, which is built in a content management system based on WordPress, was taking forever to load. Like seconds. And especially for someone who so continually opines on technology, that makes me look: not good.

Thanks to a tweet by @avinashkaushik, author of Web 2.0 Analytics, I was alerted to a WordPress plug-in by W3Edge that promised to speed things up.  And it did, quite a bit, actually. However, the complete W3Edge WP plug-in “antidote” was outside my reach because my erstwhile host is only running PHP4 and to invoke the rest of its power it needs to be running PHP5.

This might sound like gobblety-gook IT speak to you marketers, but it’s important to you and your clients and I’ll tell you why.

People are blaming all the performance issues on the pipe, and yelling at the internet service providers like @comcast (now xfinity, don’t get me started…).

Now, there are problems there, to be sure. But after this experience, I’m thinking that there are also a whole passle of problems that the hosting companies (particularly the older ones) hope you don’t notice.

So, if your new content management system based website is dog slow, check your internet bandwith and speeds, but also start asking some questions of your web host to see if part (and maybe a big part) of the problem is due to their antique servers and software versions.

If you need a new host, I’ve already fallen madly in love with mine: MediaTemple. (Hat tip to  Decker Design Web guru Erik Frick for pointing me toward them).

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