Quashing the buzz

I have loved and readily embraced new technology ever since I first laid eyes on on my first C prompt in 1984. I haven’t surfed all the trends, but I’ve been party to the most important ones.

As business picks up, and with it the amount of work I have to do, I’ve been scaling back my participation on Facebook so I can make sure I maintain a consistent presence on Twitter. I also just joined the Third Tribe, which translates into even more work in the form of action on the great instruction there.

I had no idea how near saturated I was until I discovered GoogleBuzz in my main Gmail account. I documented my reaction in my first post, which was “Anyone else breaking out in hives at the thought of trying to participate in yet another sm outlet? If I do this, Facebook is toast. I cannot possibly socialize in another place. When are we supposed to get work done!

Pass the brown paper bag over here please, hyperventilation is imminent.

I haven’t turned the Buzz off, but I’ve muffled it as much as possible. My followers no longer show. And I’ve already unfollowed the three complete strangers (men) that glommed onto me less than 24 hours after the app went active. Eww!

Out of sheer curiosity, I will check in on occasion. But unless some bandwidth opens up soon, I’m going to have to stay a spectator on this one. Those of you who are participating will want to lock your account down so that your information is not shared far and wide with the general public. Stop Google Buzz From Showing the World Your http://lifehacker.com/5469388/

Besides, if we know each other well enough for a fireside chat, I’d rather invite you over to my house and exchange ideas in front of the real thing. Cheers.

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