How does your thinking roll?

What truly differentiates you as a marketer: What you think, and the way you think about it. True, you can’t put the way you think in a box, like cereal on a supermarket shelf, though the results of your thinking may end up there. But you can and should package and distribute your thinking like a product.

The best thought-packages (articles, presentations, blog posts, etc.) give a lot of generalized knowledge away. They have a strong point of view. They also are well-written, instructive and not self promotional.

These beautifully packaged pearls of wisdom then need to be distributed to those who can share them with your target audience. These requests for distribution (aka pitches) need to be short and to the point. And they must pass the “Who cares?” test meaning you have good reason to believe the people you’re sending stuff to actually will be interested in what you have to say.

Packaging and distribution (aka PR) not only raises awareness of your thinking with the people who might hire you (as well as with those who might recommend you), it also enables you to more easily gain permission from prospects to show more of your product (thinking). And when the time comes, these packages also may serve to reassure the your new client that it really is the right decision to engage you to help solve their marketing challenges.

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