Raise your profile as a marketing thought leader in 2010

This blog offers 100% common sense, roll-your-sleeves-up, what-you-can do-right-now advice on how to raise your your profile as a marketing thought leader with peers, prospective clients, key opinion leaders and the media.

We’ll talk about PR, marketing, sales, new business development, networking, strategic planning, goal setting, visualization, technology and more. If I think it will move your business forward, I’ll write about it here. You also will see experts in sales, social media, advertising, research (members of my inner circle of trusted advisors) post here on occasion.

To kick things off, how about 12 ways to raise your profile as a marketing expert in 2010.

  1. Offer yourself as a resource to a journalist you admire and that writes about your niche.
  2. Follow a few influential industry blogs and comment on posts that resonate with you .
  3. Use Twitter to broadcast your thinking and learn from others.
  4. Pitch yourself as a speaker or panel member at an industry conference.
  5. Establish a social media newsroom on Pitchengine.com and link to it on your website.
  6. Answer relevant media queries from HARO. (Join list at helpareporter.com.)
  7. Write an article on marketing best practices and offer it to an industry trade magazine.
  8. Get to know highly regarded experts who could be a source of referrals.
  9. Take on a pro bono project that will put you in the media spotlight.
  10. Refer as much business as you can to others. Good referrals increase your credibility.
  11. Make sure your website is up to date and looks good on mobile devices.
  12. Expand your circle by cultivating relationships with interesting people outside of your industry.

That’s it for now. Questions or results (good or otherwise), post them in the comments.

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