Communications Strategy and Story Design for Creative Firms

Authentic business communications convey your unique expertise and point of view in a way that helps your audience connect with you and look to you consistently for guidance and direction.

First as followers, then as clients, and finally as evangelists who will share your stories with others. We can help you:

* Find Your Why: Purpose, Vision and Mission
* Claim Your Unique Point of View
* Create and Tell Your Story

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How to Create Communications That Change The World


Starting today (this month, this year), I am going to produce a steady stream of relevant communications that will capture and keep the attention of my audience regardless of the circumstances. ~Pretty Much Allofus

Sound familiar? When it comes to communicating the value of our firm consistently and effectively, many of us take and break this same oath over and over again. So the rock we’ve so laboriously pushed up the mountain, comes tumbling back down. So we start over. Until one day, we don’t.

Here’s what we’ve found to be the issue:

The inability to consistently and effectively communicate business value stems from the absence of a sufficiently inspiring vision and an appropriate accompanying mission. ~Helena Bouchez, Principal, Helena B Co.

This is especially true if your current vision and mission statements are solely money-based, meaning your only vision is of an advantageous financial position and your mission is “to grow the bottom line.”

We need to make money from our work, no question. (Preferably a lot of money.) But when your vision and mission are only about filling your own coffers, the only authentic message available to you is “Me, me, me, more about me, and back to me.” Your client work. Your accomplishments. The features and benefits of doing what you do.

There’s only so much people want to hear about you and only so much you can say before you start repeating yourself. Pretty soon you’re that guy at the cocktail party who only talks about himself. After 15 minutes, no one gives a damn about what you think or say, least of all you. And that is why you quit.

To overcome this, you need a different kind of vision, one that’s not just about you. A vision that articulates a paradigm shift you would like to see in your industry, or in the world.

Luckily, as a creative person, you always are imagining the optimal state of things. You just need to bring the best one for your business forward and commit to it.

We eat our own dog food here, and you probably are in need of an example, so here is the current vision for Helena B Co.:

A world full of visionary, mission-driven creative leaders who use design and design principles to solve the world’s problems and improve the experience of life.

Helena B Co’s mission, what it will do to make that vision real, is thus:

To transform the way creative leaders think, see and talk about themselves and their businesses.

There is, however, another facet to all of this that we need to talk about, which is the main reason that so few do it.

Envisioning a big change for the world, and creating and committing to a mission around a big vision, and then going public with it, also creates a certain degree of risk. To move forward, we must transcend our fears and to do that we must tap into one of our highest core values: courage.

Helena B Co: Transforming the way creative leaders think, see and talk about themselves and their businesses — one brave, visionary creative firm at a time.

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